How to market your photography business to introverts (and why you should!)

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It’s estimated that a third to half of the population are introverts. What’s that got to do with running a photography business? Well, what an introvert needs to see in order to choose you as their photographer is different to what an extrovert will respond to. I’m going to outline why introverts make GREAT photography clients and how to market your photography business to introverts in order to win them over.

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Let’s get this part out of the way first. Of course there's a massive spectrum between true introversion and extroversion. Most of us are somewhere between the two but we do tend to lean more towards one than the other. So, yes, I'm generalising a little when I talk about marketing to introverts but it doesn’t affect the point.

Firstly, let’s talk about why you should be keen to attract introverted photography clients in the first place.

Believe me, introverts can make superb clients! Let me give you a few reasons why...

Introverts think things through before making a decision

They don’t tend to act on impulse. They do their homework and weigh everything up so it’s very flattering to be chosen as their photographer.

Introverts listen to and read everything

Not only before they book you, but after they book you too. This means they’re fully aware of what to expect from the entire experience, including pricing. Hallelujah!

Introverts are loyal

If you do a fantastic job for an introvert they'll be loyal to you and your business in a way that a typical extrovert won’t be. Extroverts can have their head turned by all manner of things. Introverts stay loyal to people and businesses unless they’re given a reason not to.

Introverts are rational

In the unlikely event of a problem, an introvert stays calm and tries to see it from all perspectives meaning you’ll avoid the drama that can come with an extrovert who has a complaint.

Introverts are very self-aware

They know what they like and what they don’t and they have very strong values. They don’t make a decision lightly so if you end up working with an introvert the chances are that they value and love what you do and will comfortably spend well with you.

So how do you market your photography business to introverts?

I have six tips for you that will immediately make you more attractive to introverted clients.

Don’t worry, putting these in place doesn’t mean that you won’t attract any extroverts. You absolutely will. You’re just making tweaks to ensure that you’re also reaching these wonderful introverts.

1. Introverts need lots of high quality information

These people do their homework. They want to know everything they can before getting in touch and they hate when vital pieces of information are missing.

So make sure you’re answering every question on your website and that all of the important information is very easy to find and labelled simply.

Introverts appreciate educational content. So a blog with lots of helpful posts is more appealing to them than a blog filled with your past shoots. These helpful blog posts will go a long way towards helping them with their decision so make sure your best posts are featured strongly on your homepage.

2. Introverts need real proof

Unlike extroverts who can get carried away with hype, introverts want to see evidence of your claims. They’re not just going to take your word for it and they don’t get swept along by the crowd. They have their own mind.

So links to media coverage and award or certification badges make a real difference and give them confidence.

Testimonials are also vital but an introvert will be looking for much more than a surface-level glowing endorsement from a random name. They want a specific testimonial with the full name and photograph of the person who gave it and even the date it was given. They’ll be suspicious of anything less.

3. Introverts need a quality interaction with you before they book

Because they make carefully considered decisions, it’s really important that you give introverts every opportunity to ask questions before they book. So make sure you’re making it very clear how they can do that.

And don’t underestimate how important the quality of your response is. An introvert knows when you’re just hitting them with a bog-standard copy and paste response. Take the time to personalise your response and give it the attention it deserves.

4. Introverts prefer text to video

Whilst introverts love video for entertainment, when it comes to consuming the information they need in order to make a buying decision, they’ll hate being forced to watch a video to get it. Give them text!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have videos - certainly not! Just make sure that any information in your video is also in written form for those who prefer to read. (Check out these video content ideas for photographers that can be repurposed into written content).

5. Introverts are private

This one is tricky. You’re a photographer and you need to be able to show your work. You want to post your best images to social media, pop them on your website, in a blog post, on the walls of your studio, in your marketing materials. I get it. It’s ESSENTIAL.

However, whilst most introverts will be absolutely fine with you using some of their images in your portfolio or on your studio walls, it’s unlikely they’ll want their images plastered across social media or in a blog post.

So if you really want to work with introverts, it’s important that you make it clear that their privacy is important to you and that you’ll always respect their wishes.

6. Introverts value consistency

If you’re a photographer who chases shiny new balls every couple of months you won’t gain the custom of an introvert. They need to know what they’re going to get and they don’t trust a business who seems to change tack all the time.

Make sure your communication is consistent. Don’t hire a copywriter for a couple of pages of your website and then write the rest yourself. An introvert will pick up on this change of tone right away and won’t trust it.

If an introvert joins your email list where you have promised to send out fortnightly, helpful emails then you better do that. If they think you don’t keep your word in that respect then they’ll wonder what else you don’t keep to. However, if you do keep your word they’re much more likely to move from an email subscriber to a loyal client.

So there you have it. Six ways to make sure your marketing has what it takes to convert an introverted photography client.

And because I know how easy it is to forget all the different hints and tips you get on a daily basis, I’ve made you a free checklist to download and keep handy. Use it whenever you’re doing any kind of marketing if you want to attract introverts into your world.

Remember, we’re talking about a third to half of the population here and they make great clients. Don’t ignore them.

You can download the free checklist below!

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