Do you have to be 'fun' and 'quirky' to stand out as a photographer today?

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In today’s saturated marketplace do you have to be fun, quirky or extroverted to stand out as a photographer and be noticed? Are you worried that you’re too boring to market your photography business successfully?

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There are lots of photographers who really capitalise on their witty humour, fun persona, or quirky outlook in their marketing. They make sure that everything they create and push out to the world has a giant dose of personality and it’s GREAT.

I love seeing all this personality in photographers' marketing and there’s no doubt that it works. We’re drawn to humans who have similar values to our own. Showing who you truly are to the world is the best way to stand out from your competitors and attract clients you’re going to love working with.

So if you don’t naturally fit into any of the funny, quirky or extrovert categories, does that mean you can't stand out as a photographer?

Does this mean you’ll only ever be able to create bland marketing devoid of personality?

I hope you’ll agree that the answer to that is a definitive ‘NO WAY’.

Since when does having a ‘personality’ mean that you’re either a comedian, an oddball or an extrovert?

What a load of crap.

Lots of my favourite people are none of those things yet they have fabulous personalities and an abundance of things to say (given the right environment).

So if you find yourself poring over the websites of quirky, mega fun or extroverted photographers and feeling completely boring in comparison then stop. Please.

Do you think all of your potential clients are looking for a photographer like that?

Of course not!

Some are and they’ll be attracted to the fun and the humour and the antics. Others will be turned off and will keep looking.

And maybe they’re looking for a photographer just like you!

I can’t count the number of times a photographer has told me that they find it difficult to inject any personality into their marketing because they’re an introvert or they just don’t have anything interesting to say. So how can they stand out from other photographers?

Everyone has something to say that will be interesting to someone. Even if all you do is work, love on your dog and watch murder documentaries, I can promise you that there are plenty of people who’ll gladly engage with you over dog anecdotes and the latest Netflix release.

When you think that you have nothing interesting to say in your marketing you’re making it all about you

What about all the potential clients out there who would relate more to a photographer like you than the photographers you think have more ‘personality’ than you?

Don’t you have a duty to them to let them find out that you’re that person?

We need to stop thinking that not being quirky or wildly funny or extroverted means you’re automatically boring and less appealing to clients than photographers who are.

I know this is much easier said than done. Injecting who you are as a person into your marketing takes some digging, some learning and then a whole lot of practice.

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