Social media captions for photographers - 14 'hook' examples

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Want ideal photography clients to feast on your social media posts instead of just quickly checking out your photo or video as they scroll?

It’s all about that first line of your caption and in this video I’m going to feed you 14 first line ‘hooks’ to use to ensure your followers are clicking on that ‘read more’ link.

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It's true that photographers are reporting steadily falling reach and engagement on social media

However, it's also true that the more time people spend checking out your post, the more reach the platform is going to give you.

Not only that, those who spend time reading your caption are much more likely to engage with your post than those who just see the photo or video that goes alongside it.

So, even if you’re a photographer with low reach on social media, if a few early viewers consistently take some time to read through your captions on the posts you publish, you'll soon see a rise in your stats over time.

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Don’t get me wrong, of course the photograph or video or graphic is important in catching your audience's attention but, if you want them to actually read your caption, you need to get skilled at the hook!

The ‘hook’ is that first line of your social media caption

It’s crucial that it grabs your ideal photography client if you want them to give you some of their precious time!

Your caption is also where your photography followers will get a sense of who you are as a person and how much you care about what you do. 

It’s also where your call to action usually is, right?

If they don’t read the caption, they won’t know what it is you want them to do after checking out your post! Whether that’s to answer a question in the comments, click the link in your bio or send you a message.

So I’m here to offer up some help on creating social media caption hooks that capture the attention of potential photography clients and encourage them to click that ‘read more’ link to check out your full post.

Let’s take a look at some first line caption examples for photographers on social media

First up are some caption hook ideas for when you’re simply sharing your work on social media. 

It’s tempting (and easy) to just introduce the photo or video montage with some generic words like ‘It was cuteness overload with these siblings’ or ‘This couple rocked the dance floor at their wedding’ or ‘I just loved meeting Jenna and capturing her brand images’

But first lines like that aren’t going to entice someone doing the zombie scroll on social to actually click into your caption and read the rest. 

Instead, think about the session or wedding and find a moment or a tiny story to tell instead. This is easy if you actually talk to your clients and observe them like most great photographers do! 

Then you can begin your caption with a line that makes the right person want to know more.

And of course you then give them more. You must fulfil the promise you made in the hook. I’m definitely not encouraging clickbait here so delivering on your hook is a must!

I have examples for lots of different genres so stick with me but pretty much every single one can be adapted for any genre.

Want to know what this dad was worried about before our session?

The right person will be intrigued to know more here. And not only are you going to be able to address a concern that lots of your ideal clients might have, you’re also displaying the fact that you get to know your clients, that you listen to them and understand them.

I had to take a ‘moment’ during this wedding at the weekend…

Who doesn’t love being hit right in the feels whist indulging in a bit of social scrolling? So, find the emotion in any wedding or session you do and share it! This will give your followers a sense of just how much your work and your clients mean to you.

The same principle applies to these next hook examples…

You’ll well up at this adorable rescue dog’s story…

This father-of-the-bride’s speech was priceless…

I have a heart-bursting sibling moment to share with you…

Taking the time to tell your clients’ stories is what’s going to help you to deepen connection and trust with your followers. Take every opportunity to do this when you share your work on social media!

Here’s another example . . .

This might be a surprising boudoir outfit idea but bear with me…

If a follower is considering booking a photographer like you, any post that helps them to imagine themselves doing it is golden, especially if it also provides them with valuable tips. Just make sure you start with a line that gets them interested enough to click to read more. Like that one^.

Wait till you hear how this incredible florist delights her clients…

Just sharing your photography over and over isn’t going to help your followers to understand just how invested you are in your clients’ stories and success. Try getting specific and featuring something you learned and loved about each client and introducing it with a first line that piques the interest.

Sleep-deprived newborn parents, listen up…

Calling out your ideal photography client with reference to something they can relate to and are interested in is a great hook idea. Just make sure you follow through with some good content that’s worth the click. This is a super way to connect, empathise and build trust.

Let’s look at some caption hook examples that could be used for any genre:

My most embarrassing moment as a photographer by far…

Most of my (insert genre) clients don’t think they need this until they see it!

What happened right after I captured this photograph is so relatable…

I’m totally unapologetic about the fact that I will never do this…

(tell them about something that you don’t do that other photographers might)

I have the most epic success story/transformation story for you!

This really rattled my cage…

I know why you’re putting off booking a (insert genre) photographer…

I hope these caption hook examples help. Start using first lines like this in your social posts and watch your engagement grow, along with your photography leads and bookings!

And don’t forget to include a great call to action (but that’s something for a future video!)

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