Saveable Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers

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Are your Instagram followers saving your posts? If not and you'd like to add lots more ideal photography clients to your IG audience, this video's for you. I'm going to tell you why getting saves is so important on the gram and I'll give you lots of saveable Instagram post ideas for photographers.

If you want the Instagram algorithm to swing in your favour then you need to put effort into creating content that your audience will SAVE. 

Comments, shares and likes all play an important role but saves win the day.

Why are saveable Instagram posts so important for photographers?

Because when people save your post it sends a clear signal to Instagram that you’ve added value to the platform. 

Your content is so valuable in fact, that your audience want to be able to come back to it later - that’s huge!

But it’s not just a great indicator for Instagram! It’s golden information for you

When you publish a post that gets a lot more saves than usual, you know you’ve really served your audience. 

This is how you build trust and authority on Instagram. 

Not just be sharing your photographs (let’s face it, every photographer’s doing that) but by showing up as someone who truly wants to be of service to your followers. 

[You need a business or creator account to track saves on Instagram]

When it comes to me booking a photographer, who am I going to choose? 

The photographer who shares their pretty pictures every day? 

Or the photographer who shares pretty pictures and has shown up for me in many other ways that have enhanced my day and maybe even my life? 

The photographer who’s really proven that they’re here for me

So, do you want to be that photographer? Let's go through some saveable Instagram post ideas!

Saveable Goodwill Instagram Post Ideas

It's important to start with goodwill posts because you need to always remember that the vast majority of your IG followers are NOT looking to book a photographer right now

You should still be showing up for them!

Goodwill posts are often not directly related to your photography service. They're created around other things your ideal client is interested in and will find helpful. They should make your follower feel a lot of goodwill towards you because you've helped them out with something relevant and useful. 

So, for example, a brand photographer would consider the type of business owner they want to work with. They'd keep that person front of mind and create saveable posts relating to:

  • Branding inspiration and tips
  • Local networking opportunities
  • Service provider recommendations 
  • Social media tips and tricks
  • Website inspiration
  • Small business advice 
  • Office organisation/decor inspiration
  • ‘How to’ photo guides for DIYers

By the way, I have examples like this for family, wedding, pet and boudoir photographers too over on my Instagram grid so check that out if you'd like some specific inspiration for your genre

If the content is high quality, lots of your followers will want to save these goodwill posts so they can come back to them later because they're useful and relevant.

(Bear in mind that this will only be the case if your audience is filled with potential ideal clients and not a gazillion other photographers and other people who can't or won't ever book you.)

This kind of content will also make it clear to them that you 'get' who they are. They should feel seen and understood.

If you want to keep your grid filled with your photography - that's ok! 

All of these goodwill posts can be teamed with your beautiful work. You can put the information into the caption or you can create carousel posts with one of your photographs as the front cover and text graphics behind it.

Saveable Conversion Instagram Post Ideas

Of course, some of your Instagram followers will be looking to book a photographer now (or soon).

So create posts specifically about your photography service that are worthy of a 'save for later'. 

So, for example, a boudoir photographer might create posts relating to:

  • How to prepare for a boudoir shoot
  • Boudoir outfit ideas for all shapes/sizes
  • Accessory inspiration
  • Boudoir shoot timeline/what to expect
  • Boudoir posing tips/must-have shots
  • Album design/photo display ideas
  • What to ask your boudoir photographer

Remember, I have examples just like this for family, wedding, pet and brand photographers on my Instagram grid - check them out!

These are posts that help your ideal client to see that you're an experienced pro.

If they're considering a shoot, it's highly likely they'll save valuable information like this to come back to later.

These posts also clearly indicate the kind of person you love to work with so don't shy away from that. Make it very obvious it's not for everyone - it's for them. Avoid generic tips and get specific!

Creating saveable posts is a big part of my Instagram strategy. When I create posts like this I often get more saves than likes and that's a huge win for me. When this happens I know I've shown up and served photographers like you with content that truly helps you to grow and market your business.

Screenshot of Instagram post example with more saves than likes

How can you create Instagram posts your ideal photography client will want to save? 

Remember, everyone's sharing great photographs. It's time to level up on Instagram and use these saveable Instagram post ideas for photographers.

I'd love to know how you get on! And don't forget to check out my Instagram grid for genre-specific help on this. 


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