How good is your photography website user experience? TiB Live with Alex Vita

TiB Live recording with Alex Vita and Julie Christie: How good is your photography website user experience?

You can place stunning photography on your website and accompany it with the most fabulous copy but if your photography website user experience is not up to scratch then your visitor will leave within seconds and they won’t see any of it!

Alex Vita from Foreground Web joined me last week to talk about what you need to do to make sure your website visitors enjoy browsing your site and stay around for a while!

Photography website user experience

Alex gives seriously valuable insights into:

  • Photographers' relationship with SEO and why he believes we need to stop putting all of our eggs in the SEO basket
  • Why user experience matters so much when it comes to Google and conversions
  • How to ace navigation menus
  • Best use of typography
  • Your website performance and how to check it
  • The importance of a great mobile experience
  • Broken links and how to fix them
  • How to use pop ups in less annoying ways
  • Alex’s pet peeve - auto playing music
  • Adding a search function to your photography website
  • Choosing a background for your site
  • Your photography website homepage
  • Contact information and forms
Photography website user experience

Links Mentioned:

Check out Alex's website where he has STACKS of resources aimed at helping photographers just like you.

Here's a link to Alex's detailed and unbelievably helpful articles.

And finally, Alex hangs out on Twitter. Connect with him here.

Other links mentioned in the video:



Page speed insights

Caching plugin

Broken link checker

Photography website user experience

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