SEO for Photographers - 3 Quick Wins! TiB Live with Galen Mooney

TiB Live with Galen Mooney: SEO for Photographers - 3 Quick Wins!

Galen Mooney from Photography Squares specialises in helping photographers to create and optimise fabulous photography websites using SquareSpace. She joined me on TiB Live inside the Facebook group to talk about SEO for photographers (regardless of the platform being used) and outlined three quick SEO wins that can make a huge difference to how your photography website ranks in search results.

Learn how to SEO your photography website

Galen covers:

  • Google My Business and why you need to get yourself set up here.
  • What to include when you’re writing your page titles and meta descriptions
  • How to optimise your photography website homepage
  • Some brief insights into image filenames and alt text (click here to register for one of Galen’s free online image SEO workshops)
Learn how to SEO your photography website

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And, if you're looking to grow your photography business and get clarity around exactly how to do that and in what order - this article will help you write your Ultimate Photography Business Plan. Definitely check it out.



  1. Making those simple changes will really give your site a boost in the rankings and now Google is optimised for mobile site first make sure your website looks great and works well across all devices.

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