GDPR for Photographers - TiB Expert Live with Suzanne Dibble

GDPR for Photographers - TiB Expert Live with Suzanne Dibble

Grab a coffee and watch this Q&A session with small business law expert, Suzanne Dibble!

Suzanne knows her stuff when it comes to GDPR. She has been breaking down the complex regulations inside her Facebook group and in online workshops - telling small business owners like you in simple terms what you REALLY need to know and what to do. Without the hype and myths.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25 May 2018. It applies to all businesses no matter how small. It also applies to businesses operating outside of the EU if they market to or sell into the EU.

The countdown to compliance is on and it’s time to separate fact from fiction and determine the practical steps you need to take right now.

Video about GDPR for Photographers

Suzanne covers the following questions:

  • Are photographs classed as ‘personal data’?
  • How should we handle hard copies of personal data?
  • Can we add our clients and leads to our email marketing?
  • How to handle ‘freebie’ opt ins?
  • Do we need to get retrospective consent to use photographs in our marketing?
  • How likely is a fine from the ICO if someone complains?
  • How long can we keep someone’s data?
  • Should we be reaching out to the third party providers we use to process and transfer data?
  • Do we need checkboxes so that subscribers can choose the information they want to receive?
Video about GDPR for Photographers

Links Mentioned:

Join Suzanne's FB group here.

You can find her checklist here.

And you can buy Suzanne's extremely affordable GDPR pack for £97 here (going up in price next week I think).

Access Suzanne's two hour training session on GDPR here.


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