5 Steps to Successful Outsourcing for Photographers

Would you love to outsource some tasks in your photography business but you can’t afford to? 

Photographers tell me how they can’t wait until they have the money to get someone else to do certain tasks for them.

But if you think like that - you’ll never have the money to hire anyone!

And the reason is - you’ll be too busy doing all the tasks that you wish you could pay someone to do for you, that you won’t have any time or energy left to do the stuff that puts more money in the bank. You’ll just be caught in the hamster wheel, never getting round to the strategising and planning and marketing that will grow your business. 

Businesses don’t hire people so they can make LESS money. They hire people so they can make MORE money. 

That’s how it works! It’s not supposed to lose you money - it’s supposed to make you money.

But that’s the thing isn’t it? Really the fear is that you pay someone to lessen your workload and actually it doesn’t result in more profit for you and it costs you money that you don’t have. 

I get it, no one wants that.

That’s why outsourcing is so perfect for photographers. You can dip your toe in the water without making a huge, scary commitment. You don’t have to start big.

Here’s my five steps to start outsourcing your photography business tasks profitably:

1. Make 3 lists

A list of tasks you hate doing, a list of tasks you’re not good at doing and a list of tasks that do not contribute to the growth of your business. 

2. Decide on 1-3 tasks that you know you should get off your plate first

Choose the tasks that will free up the most time and energy for you. Highlight those biggies and decide to offload them first.

3. Find freelancers

Use Upwork or People Per Hour or ask in online groups and shortlist at least three freelancers who’re willing and able to help you.

Get on a Zoom call with each of them, maybe even pay them each to do a small task for you and then simply choose the best fit

4. Give your chosen freelancer everything they need to succeed

Spend time over the course of a week showing them how it’s done and be sure to record the training so they can watch it any time they like.

This will also help you in the future if they don’t work out or they move on and you have to get someone else to take over. 

5. Give it a trial month 

You don’t need to commit to anything more than a month to begin with.

In that trial month, spend all the extra time and energy you freed up on GROWTH tasks; marketing your business, getting yourself in front of more of the right people, putting together an amazing lead generation and nurturing system.

If you pay someone just so you can spend more time doing the doom scroll on Instagram . . . well, you don’t need me to tell you that’s not going to work out well.

Join the conversation here on Insta and tell me, what would be the first thing you’d outsource in your photography business and what’s stopping you from just doing it?

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