Why Do Photographers Need a CRM?

Do you have a customer relationship management system (CRM) for your photography business? If not, are you wondering why photographers need one?

If you have never considered the benefits of investing in a CRM, then let me assure you that it is time. 

Spending as little time as you possibly can on admin tasks is crucial to becoming more profitable.

If you’re still working away individually on tasks that could be systemised and automated then you’re leaving money on the table!

Even if you're just starting out or you're experiencing quiet times - I'll convince you in this video that NOW is the time to invest in this...

So why should photographers invest in a CRM?

You start your business with such great intentions - you’ll wow your clients with a marvellous customer experience - everything will be beautifully organised - your accounts will be up to date and in great order…

Yeah right - who are you kidding? 

You’re a creative - you’re naturally disorganised and chaotic - am I right?

Even if I’m wrong about that - I give you ONE busy summer of shooting and then you tell me whether you’ve still got all your ducks in a row afterwards.

You know… did I send that invoice? 

Does that contract still need signed? 

Have I arranged that in-person sales session? 

Did that client pay for the extra prints she ordered? 

Why can’t I find her phone number? 

Did they get their welcome pack? 

Where are all my invoices for the accountant??

Not to mention having to go back and forth with clients and potential clients - emailing pretty much the same thing to different people over and over.

And - you’re probably quietly aware that you’re not really delivering the same quality of experience to every client. 

Maybe you knocked Mr and Mrs Brown’s socks off with your attentiveness last month but this month your daughter has chicken pox and your partner is working away so Mr and Mrs Smith? 

They’re having a pretty sub par experience with you.

When you’re chasing your tail like this and giving inconsistent service - your business suffers and so does your sanity!

You’re just blustering around being a busy fool. 

Nothing truly productive is happening.

You’re wondering if I have a live feed set up in your house right now, aren’t you?

But the truth is - it’s more a case of ‘it takes one to know one’!

If you’re spending your working hours fussing around over repetitive admin and trying to keep all the plates spinning that means you’re not doing the really important stuff - which is improving and growing your business with awesome marketing, slick systems and OFF THE SCALE customer experiences.

Here’s why you need a CRM even if you’re just starting out as a photographer

Now, if you’re listening to this thinking - well I’m not busy enough for this to be a problem. 

I have more than enough time to be doing these repetitive tasks!

Think again!

Just because you don’t have a stream of clients YET doesn’t mean you should be spending your valuable time doing unnecessary individual tasks when what you should be doing is planning your journey to photography business aficionado!

In fact - when things are quiet is EXACTLY when you should be spending some time and effort systemising and automating your business so you can free up your time to do stuff that actually might bring in more clients.

And the way to do that is to invest in a CRM and spend time setting it up for the win.

What tasks will you be able to automate with the CRM?...And, is it worth the investment?

These days you can subscribe to a great customer relationship management system for as little as $15 per month.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford $15 a month - the time this thing frees up for you is worth a hundred times that if you use it wisely.

If you set up the system well and use it to its fullest it will automate much of your client and job workflow. 

  • All of your potential and actual client information will live there along with every task you have associated with them.
  • Invoices, contracts, email sequences, questionnaires are all stored there and sent out for you at each stage of the process.
  • You’ll be able to keep track of your schedule and task lists and the system will integrate with your payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal so you can take payments online.
  • Not only that - many of them take care of sucky bookkeeping and accounting too.

So whenever a new lead or client swings into your life they’ll enter the system and it will keep you completely up to speed with what should happen, when. 

It will even do some of the tasks automatically without you even having to ask.

And when you do need to do something - it’ll probably be completed with a couple of clicks.

Sounds liberating, doesn’t it?

One of the best things about investing in a system like this is that if and when you hire someone to take care of all of this for you - they’ll be able to pick it up and run with it. 

Do you know how many photographers hire someone and it doesn’t work out? 

And the main reason for this is because the system they have is all up here in their head and the process of getting it out of there and into some kind of order is too painful in the end.

So hopefully you see that this is a no-brainer. 

The question is... 

Which system should you go for?

There are lots out there for you to check out.

But the thing is - these systems take time and effort to set up. 

Once you choose one you’ll probably be stuck with it because the thought of switching won’t be a good one.

This is where people get stuck in analysis paralysis. 

And this is where we have stepped in with some help for you.

You see - not everyone needs every single bell and whistle. 

You’ll know what you and your business needs.

And did I mention that we have discounts for most of these systems for our Togs in Business members including a whopping 75% off your first year with Studio Ninja?

Just thought I’d mention that… you can check out the membership right here.



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