Photography Business Training - Is Togs in Business Right For You?

Video about Photography Business Training - Is Togs in Business Right For You?

If you’ve been wondering whether the Togs in Business membership (now The Photographer's Voice) is the right fit for you or not then stay tuned. I’m going to tell you what’s different about my photography business training and who it’s perfect for...

I know you have an overwhelming choice when it comes to photography business and marketing education. There are superb mentors and coaches out there whom you can hire on a 1-2-1 basis, epic six week online courses you can take, in-person workshops and retreats to attend, or you can just binge on all the free content out there.

Whilst it’s great to have so much education at your fingertips it’s also a minefield because how do you know who to listen to? How do you know what’s right for you?

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Because, take it from someone who’s tried a lot of stuff, much of it will take you in the opposite direction from the one you should be going in and it can be pretty painful getting back on track.

That’s not because it’s bad advice - it’s just not the right advice for you.

There's no 'right' way to run and grow a photography business

Every photographer is different and so are their businesses. Who you want to work with, what you want to earn, what you want to sell, how you want to sell, the size you want to grow to, how you want to serve your clients - all of this varies drastically from photographer to photographer.

That’s why there’s no ‘right’ way to create, run and grow a photography business.

For example, how you generate leads for your photography business will depend completely on who it is you want to work with AND who you are as a person. If you’re an introvert then trying to emulate the strategies of an extrovert is going to be a disaster for you.

Similarly, how you sell your products and packages. Some photographers thrive on in person sales sessions and upsells whilst others can’t think of anything worse. They prefer to presell packages, use online galleries or charge by the hour.

None of this is wrong.

But to know what’s right for you and what’s not, you need to have a seriously firm grasp of what it is you want and who you are.

Figure out who you are before committing to photography business training, coaching or course

When you do that deep work you can use it as a filter. You can place it right at the top of your brain and everything you learn should be passed through it.

You just ask yourself each time;

“Is this strategy or tip aligned with what I want and who I am?”

If the answer is no then you leave it well alone. This is how you stop yourself getting carried away with the hype of the latest selling system or the shiny new marketing strategy.

Always remember these things will only be right for a fraction of photographers. You need to know if you’re one of them before you get your wallet out.

This is where Togs in Business (now The Photographer's Voice) is different

This isn’t a membership that teaches you one way to grow your business. It’s not a membership that assumes every photographer wants a multi-six figure studio either.

For a small, monthly subscription, Togs in Business provides you with a roadmap of content.

You take a journey through the material and the first thing you do is dig deep to discover what it is you want and the kind of business owner you are. Once you have that down you’ll nail your marketing strategy and plan, and guess what?

It’ll be different to the other photographers in the membership. It’ll be yours.

Most of the photography business education out there gives you the essentials

They’ll take you through creating your dream client and crafting your client experience and processes. All the foundational stuff is there. Pricing, websites, social media etc. And that’s VITAL of course.

But there’s so much more to it than that, isn’t there?

You can be armed with all of that info but if you’re then just left to fend for yourself, what’s the point? Because, really, it’s just the beginning.

Long lasting success does not happen super quickly. You build up to it over time. The real magic happens in the implementation and consistency and that’s where you need the most support!

Togs in Business gives you all of that big stuff and then a whole lot more.

How to write fabulous copy that fills your ideal client with desire, how to build an awesome landing page, how to create facebook ad campaigns, what to say to get the booking, how to get press coverage for your business. When you want to know how to do something well, the likelihood is that you can do a search and find the answer inside the membership.

But here’s another huge differentiator . . .

I’m in there with you every day

I’m answering your questions, giving you feedback and offering you the support you need alongside all of our amazing members. I bring my A-game to Togs in Business every day. This isn’t a membership where the founder is nowhere to be seen in the community. I’m part of it with you. I respond personally to your posts and your emails and no question gets ignored.

A membership isn’t the right fit for everyone. Definitely not.

Some photographers want or need the intensity of a six week course or a mentorship to kickstart them into action. I totally get that.

Some want to go it alone and I appreciate that too.

Togs in Business is not right for them.

But if you’re looking to learn from one trusted source and you’re willing to carve out the time and muster the effort to grow and improve, not just during a six or twelve week intensive, but for as long as you're in business then you’re a great fit for the Togs in Business membership.

A continuous commitment to learning and improving is the difference between a successful photography business owner and a struggling one.

Why not grab yourself a spot on my FREE Marketing Campaigns for Photographers Workshop so you can get a taste of what's inside the membership? You can do that below!

And, if you need guidance with your entire business strategy, let me show you How To Write The Ultimate Photography Business Plan. This FREE guide includes templates and lots of examples to get you that clarity of strategy so that you can finally focus and grow your dream photography business without overwhelm.


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