Want More Photography Leads? Stop ignoring 95% of their brain!

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Simply describing what you do and how you do it to your potential photography clients is never going to fill your diary with bookings. There’s a crucial piece missing from the puzzle and once you put it in place it can help you get more photography leads and convert like never before.

Let me fill you in on it . . .

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Neuroscience has found that when you make a buying decision - 95% of it takes place subconsciously.


You use the remaining 5% to look for rational reasons to justify your decision. This tricks you into thinking you’ve made a conscious decision.

So even though the process is almost all emotional, you’re usually not even aware of it.

Why is this important for you as a photographer?

Well, you’re working in an industry where this is particularly true. Your potential clients don’t need your services. They can definitely get by without hiring you. And even when they do hire a photographer, they can choose between lots of lots of people offering a similar service to you.

So here’s why being armed with this information will give you a huge advantage . . .

Most photographers are selling their services to clients’ rational brains

They’re primarily talking about what the client will get during the experience instead of focusing on what the client will have after the experience.

They’re being transactional.

They’re zoning in on the features of working with them instead of the benefits of working with them.

They’re doing this on their website, in emails, on phone calls, in social media posts, everywhere!

Of course clients need information. They need to know what to expect from working with you. But if all you do is describe what you do then you’re not engaging their subconscious brain at all.

You’re ignoring that 95%!

When you hire a business coach, you’re not really buying sessions with him - you’re buying the benefit you’ll get from those sessions which is (hopefully) increased sales and profits.

When you hire an accountant, you’re not buying her time and effort - you’re really buying the time and stress that she’s going to save you. Or the reduction in your yearly tax bill.

When you hire a makeup artist - you’re not buying a makeover session. You’re paying to look and feel beautiful after the session.

So take a look at all of the communication you’re having with potential clients. Your website copy, the emails you send out, the conversations you have, and the posts you share to social media.

The focus should be on the benefits your clients will enjoy because they worked with you

If you’re a branding photographer your focus should be on the transformation your client will see in their business as a result of this fabulous imagery you’re going to create for them.

If you’re a boudoir photographer your focus should be on the transformation in your clients' self-esteem, self-worth and body image after a boudoir shoot with you.

If you’re a wedding or family photographer your focus should be on the emotion that your particular style of photography will evoke in your clients for the rest of their lives.

If you’re a family photographer who specialises in wall art a focus should be placed on the transformation in your clients’ homes once they’ve installed these incredibly personal pieces of art.

Even when you’re giving information about what to expect - the benefits to the client should be the focus

So you include an engagement shoot in your wedding package. That’s great. But what’s in it for them to have that engagement shoot? That’s the most important part of that information.

So you sell albums. What’s in it for the client to buy one?

So you come to your client’s place of work to shoot. What’s in it for the client to have their branding shoot take place at work?

Never give a piece of information without thinking about what the benefit is to the client. And if you can’t think of a benefit to the client - the chances are you need to rethink things.

Transformational information trumps transactional information every single time.

Get this right and you’ll be connecting with clients on a much deeper level than your competitors.

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  1. Julie this is great article!I am a wedding photographer shooting some branding sessions here and there and this article got me thinking that I don't communicate it clear enough to my potential clients. Thank you for great post I will schedule a session with you for sure!

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