6 Content Ideas for Photographers

Blog post about 6 content ideas for photographers, including examples

Whether you prefer creating blog posts, videos, livestreams or even a podcast, creating key marketing content for your audience is vital for your visibility and your conversions.  In this video I'm going to give you six content ideas for photographers complete with examples!

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Great key content:

  • Gives potential photography clients the touch points they need to push them into action
  • Helps you climb Google search results
  • Keeps visitors on your website for longer
  • Positions you as an authority in your area
  • Helps you gain more qualified enquiries
  • Gives you content to share with clients and potential clients in any given scenario (eventually you'll be able to say in response to almost every question or concern, 'I actually have a blog post/video on exactly that - here's the link!')

Not to mention you'll never run out of content for social media. Key content can be broken up and repurposed in countless different ways.

Creating this marketing content doesn't have to be a long and arduous task!

It's the quality of the content that matters. The trick is to choose a topic you could talk about in your sleep.

Make it easy.

Occasionally you'll want to put the time and energy into a more involved piece, especially if you're aiming for top spot on Google, but don't make the mistake of thinking every piece of key content has to be like that or you'll end up overwhelmed and doing nothing.

It's important you add your unique personality to the content and create it specifically for the client you love to work with most.

Don't be afraid to repel the wrong ones.

Let's not pretend that other photographers aren't creating content around similar topics. Of course they are!  What's going to differentiate yours from the rest is that you've infused yourself into it and you've focused entirely on your dream client and no one else.

So, what can you create content about?

Here are six ideas that, if you take the time, should result in an ideas list that will keep you going for a long time!

1. Something you do that's different to lots of other photographers

Content ideas for photographers - a photographer behind the scenes example

Think about the way you work with clients and what you create. List anything you do that's even slightly different to most of the other photographers in your area and aim to create a separate piece of content for each.

There must be a reason you do it differently and it's likely to be because you know it's best for your specific ideal client.

That makes it something you must talk about!

For example, lots of family photographers recommend their clients stick  to colour palettes. Maybe you love breaking all the rules in this department.

You could create this piece of content;

Why mixing colours and patterns looks incredible for your family photo shoot

Or some other examples;

Why the secret to epic wedding photography is LESS group shots

Why I'm not the right personal branding photographer for everyone

Why I don't use a studio for your boudoir photo shoot

Whatever you do, when you create content like this you must focus on the benefits to the client. Don't just describe what you do differently. Do that quickly then move on to the important part which is describing to the reader (your ideal client) why this is best for them.

2. Inspiration list

Content ideas for photographers - inspiration list.

This is such easy content to create if you get into the habit of saving stuff that inspires you.

Use Pinterest or Evernote (or whatever you like) to save anything and everything you see that your ideal client would be interested in.

Then simply create a post or video sharing the best of a specific category.

For example;

10 alternative wedding bouquets to inspire you

Summer family photo outfit inspiration

Get inspired by these 5 gorgeous nurseries

10 brilliant Instagram posts to inspire you

Again, make sure your list is perfectly curated for the person you love to work with. If you try to please everyone, you please no one.

3. Address a question/concern/desire

Content ideas for photographers - a personal branding shoot example

Make three lists.

a) Every question you get asked over and over again.

b) All of the concerns your ideal client has about working with a photographer like you.

c) All the big desires they have that working with you can help them with.

You should be addressing all of these on your website and in your client guide of course.

However, each of these deserves to be its own piece of content too!

This is evergreen, conversion content that can be used in so many different places and in so many different ways.

This is the content that helps someone to finally make that decision to get in touch with you. It breaks down the barriers and the objections that were preventing them from taking action and makes them feel like you're almost inside their head.

For example;

Why you shouldn't try to lose weight for your boudoir shoot

What's the difference between headshot photography and personal brand photography?

Why you don't have to worry about your kids misbehaving during your family photo shoot

How unique personal branding photography can triple your online enquiries

4. Teach them how to do something

Content ideas for photographers example - taking a flat lay photograph with an iphone

Make a list of things your ideal client would genuinely be interested in learning how to do that you can help them with.

My advice here is to keep these 'how to' guides very specific. Not only will the content be easier to create for you, it will also be a quick win for the reader.

Quick wins are good!

Not only that, it'll also be easier to come up with a super-clickable title for your content that promises to teach the reader something specific.

For example;

How to hang your family wall gallery perfectly - first time!

How to take a stunning flat lay photograph with your iPhone

How to choose the perfect underwear for your body type

How to  pose for beautiful maternity photography

5. Top 5 list

A barn wedding venue example

Make a list of the types of businesses, products and activities your ideal client is interested in.

Tackle each in turn and compile a top five (it can obviously be more than five if you like) list based on your ideal client. Remember, this is only for them and it's your opinion based on how well you know them.

It's a good idea to stay local for these pieces of content but, if you plan to create something really epic, you can absolutely go wider than that.

For example;

Top 5 family-friendly restaurants in ___________

Top 5 barn wedding venues in _____________

Top 5 business networking opportunities in _____________

Top 5 places to buy boudoir outfits in ___________

Awareness content like this is great for your visibility because, done well, it can get you to the top of google search results and can bring you a whole new audience.

Granted, they won't all be ideal clients but some of them will be! Visibility is a numbers game.

6. A transformation story

A family photoshoot content idea example

Your potential clients have concerns about working with a photographer that can prevent them from getting in touch with you. Make a list of clients you've worked with who had a specific concern beforehand that they soon realised was needless.

They also have pain points they hope you can help them with. Make a list of clients you've worked with who had a specific problem you helped them with.

With permission, you should create content around all of these examples individually and each piece should ideally include a testimonial from the featured client.

I know I don't need to tell you how important social proof is, but mix it with a great transformation story, and you supercharge it.

For example;

How Janice went from invisible to unmissable on LinkedIn

This dad was dreading his family photo shoot

Dion and Heather were worried about posing for their couple shots. Then this happened!

Dreading turning 50 to 50 and fabulous - Vanda's story

Even though I just gave you six content ideas specifically for photographers, I hope you can see just how many pieces of content could come from them. The opportunities are almost endless and this is stuff you know about!

This key content is going to work hard for you for a long time.

It can be;

  • repurposed into your email sequences
  • broken up and used in lots of different social media posts
  • linked to from pages on your website
  • sent to leads or clients needing information or help

Something key content plays a huge role in is the success of your marketing campaigns.

If you want to run an epic 5 day challenge, ace your next wedding fair or sell out your Summer shoots, you need a marketing campaign that leaves your ideal client desperate to book you.

Great content published and repurposed for maximum visibility and conversions is central to that.

If you want to learn how to plan, create and implement a superb marketing campaign for your photography business, grab yourself a place on my online workshop where I'll teach you exactly that.

I know you'll have been burned by salesy, boring webinars in the past but mine are NOT like that. Come along and see for yourself...

And, if you're overwhelmed and can't get clarity around how to grow your business, what steps to take and in what order - this article will walk you through how to write your Ultimate Photography Business Plan. Do check it out.



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