Why you CAN dramatically increase your photography prices (and be fully booked)

Pin graphic titled: Why you can dramatically increase your photography prices (and be fully booked)

Would you love to dramatically increase your photography prices AND be fully booked?

I’m sure you would.

But if you’re struggling to find clients even with your low to average prices - it might seem impossible or even crazy to think that you might then go and increase them!

Well bear with me and I’ll tell you why it’s not impossible OR crazy.

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Let’s think about all the potential photography clients out there

Most of them are looking to pay low to average prices.

It’s just a fact.

And we’re not going to blame them for that - price is a huge factor for most of us when we’re shopping for a service.

So because you realise that the majority of potential clients are very price conscious - that’s how you price your photography to begin with.

But the problem is - that’s what all of your competitors are doing too.

They might even be much cheaper than you.

The one thing that you all have in common is that you are targeting the same potential clients.

You’re marketing to, and serving, the majority

Now let's say in one area you have hundreds of potential clients looking to hire a photographer at any one time.

Sounds good.

But not when you realise that there are also hundreds of photographers looking to win those clients.

No wonder no one is fully booked!

It’s almost impossible to be fully booked when you’re marketing to the majority like this.

The competition is just too fierce.

So you might think it makes sense trying to reach the majority - but there aren’t enough clients in that majority to sustain all the photographers who are now trying to win them over.

So let’s think about the minority of your potential clients for a moment

Let’s think about the potential client who’s looking for something more from a photographer.

Although they still think about price - it's not the highest priority for them.

They’re looking for a higher-end service, a higher-end product and a higher-end experience and they are more than willing to pay a LOT more to get that.

Who’s marketing to them?

From what I see every day on my Facebook and Instagram feed - hardly anyone!

Think about it - how many photographers in your area can you confidently say are aiming their marketing at that potential client?

No one is marketing to these guys!

Whilst all of your competitors are frantically trying to win the affections of the majority of potential clients you could be stepping away from that mess entirely and aiming all of your marketing efforts towards the minority.

Towards those clients who are sitting there waiting for a photographer who actually understands what it is they desire.

Towards those clients who will pay anything from three times to ten times more for the RIGHT service and product.

What would fully booked look like to you if you were doing this?

Before I quadrupled my prices, fully booked to me was 12 clients a month.

That’s how many bookings I needed to make the profit I wanted to make.

After quadrupling my prices I only had to find three clients - not 12!

And not only that - because I was marketing to the minority, I didn’t really have any competition anymore.

No one was really marketing to these people except me.

Now we’re all running very different businesses and we all have very different priorities.

You might run a big studio and fully booked to you might mean 100 clients a month.

You might be a parent to four kids under 5 and fully booked to you might mean 2 clients a month.

It doesn’t matter.

The principle is the same.

Think about it.

Wouldn’t you rather serve less clients at a higher price point than more clients at a lower price point?

Doesn’t it make sense to be fully booked with FEWER clients?

And if it makes sense - why isn’t everyone actively trying to market to these higher paying clients?

Why do most photographers still direct their marketing to the majority who are looking for a good deal?

Why are most photographers trying to compete with hundreds of other photographers instead of positioning themselves in a completely different market with hardly any competition?

I think the reason is that most photographers like you worry about whether these great clients actually exist.

And even if they do exist you’re afraid you won’t be able to find them.

And even if you do find them you worry that you won’t know how to get them to book.

And even if they do book you’re afraid that you won’t be able to give them the experience or product they expect.

But there are photographers out there doing it.

So you know it’s possible to work with fewer clients at much higher price points.

So if it’s possible for them, why isn’t it possible for you?

As usual your limiting beliefs, your fear and your resistance are holding you back from something great.

Don’t get me wrong.

You can’t just suddenly 4X or 10X your prices and these marvellous clients start lining up outside your front door.

There’s a whole lot of learning and work that needs to be done before that happens.

But if you’re one of the few who’s willing to invest that time and effort - then those clients will be all yours.

I recently created this comprehensive, step-by-step guide on pricing your photography. I highly recommend checking it out, it will help you a lot.

No one said it was easy…

If this has all made sense to you and you want to get started on that journey to higher sales and wonderful clients then it all starts with understanding exactly what you need to be charging.

Pricing is a MINEFIELD!

But I have you covered.

I've put together a comprehensive pricing workbook for you.

This will be one of the most important things you ever do for your business. You can download it right here. And, don't forget to check out my complete, step-by-step photography pricing guide.

Thank you for reading or watching!


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