How well do you REALLY know your ideal photography client?

Video about how important it is to know your ideal photography client

Do you know who your ideal photography client is? I mean, do you REALLY know her?

In today's TiB Live I talk in detail about why you must know your ideal client inside out and how you can refine your message so that she literally can't resist you!

Points Covered

  • Why knowing your ideal client is so important
  • Stepping into the consumer's shoes
  • THE most important things you need to know about your ideal client
  • How to use this information to make yourself irresistible to them
  • Your ideal client challenge!


  1. This was just fabulous, seeing it from the e-mail I received!! You did a great job, and looking forward to more of these!! Thank you so much! I don't have a website yet, haven't had the nerve, but maybe with this, I will!!

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