Marketing your photography business - smash it with this simple tip!

Video about marketing your photography business - a simple tip

Do you struggle to find time to properly work on marketing your photography business? I don’t just mean a last minute, half-assed attempt at a Facebook post. I mean properly working on your marketing strategy, planning and implementation?

If so, I have a seriously simple tip for you that will change all of that. I've outlined it all in today's video...

I’ve spoken to A LOT of photographers about marketing their business. A lot.

They tell me that between shooting, editing, emailing and all the other day-to-day tasks they simply never get time to invest in their marketing.

Marketing photography business always gets put down the list of priorities

So what happens is that when they’re busy - marketing really doesn’t get much attention at all.

They just keep on pushing it down and down the list whilst they power through all the client work they have going on.

THEN when things get quiet and there’s not much happening in the calendar for the months ahead they jump into frantic action and engage in desperation marketing.

You know - they might declare a last minute promotion and spam all of their online platforms with announcements in the hope of filling the books again.

And then they wonder why they’re getting all the wrong clients.

If you want to create and grow an awesome photography business that makes you deliriously happy AND makes you plenty of profit then . . . MARKETING. MUST. COME. FIRST.

I mean first - ALWAYS.

I don’t need to tell you that it's your marketing that gets you the clients.

And when it's strategic and engaging marketing - it gets you exactly the clients you want.

But strategic and engaging marketing doesn't come from desperation.

It comes from daily, focused efforts to connect meaningfully with your ideal client.

And you should do it first.

Whatever time you sit down to work - marketing should be first on the agenda.


Even if you have ten shoots that are sitting there waiting to be culled and edited.

Even if you have 12 potential clients waiting for a response to their enquiry.

Even if you have three framed prints to package up and deliver.

Marketing your photography business should come first

And here’s why.

All that client work. You’re going to do that.

It’s not going to get ignored because you have clients waiting for you to do it and they’re holding you accountable.

They’re not going to let you get away with not doing it.

They’ll be on your case if you don’t!

So even if you’re absolutely exhausted and just want to sit down in front of ‘House of Cards’ with a glass of red wine - you won’t.

You’ll stay up till midnight to finish a client gallery or reply to enquiries.

You’ll do it because you have to.

But who’s holding you accountable when it comes to your marketing?

Are any clients going to chase you up because you didn’t publish a blog post this week?

Or because you haven’t revamped your website like you said you would?

Or because you haven’t posted to your social media platforms for a full month?

No, they’re not gonna call you up on that because they’re not gonna notice.

No one will.

No one but you.

When it comes to running your photography business nothing is more important than your marketing

And that includes client work.

Because without the marketing there are no clients. And certainly no GREAT clients that’s for sure.

So every day that you work, whether you work 7, 5 or 3 days a week...

Marketing first.

Spend at least (and I mean at least) 30 minutes every day on it.

The list of marketing activities you could engage in for that first part of your working day is endless.

And imagine the boost your business will get as a result of making this small change to your working life!

There is nothing in your work life that is so pressing that it can’t wait 30 minutes.

And believe me when I say that you will feel so much more positive and energised afterwards knowing that you’ve moved your business forwards in a small way each day, that you’ll be blazing through that client work afterwards.

So marketing first.


Try it for a month and just wait and see what happens…

If you’re totally up for it but you just have no idea where to begin OR what you should even be doing then you’re not alone.

Marketing can be a monster to tackle.

This is exactly the stuff we help our members with inside of the Togs in Business Membership - so check it out.


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