What it REALLY takes to consistently attract your ideal photography client

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Have you been blogging or networking like there’s no tomorrow and feeling like, despite your efforts, no one even knows you and your photography business exist? You just can’t seem to consistently attract your ideal photography client.

In this video I’m going to lay out what it really takes to see results from all this stuff.

As a photography business owner you shouldn’t just be serving your paying clients. You should be serving your potential ideal clients consistently too. If you don’t know what I mean by that - give this video a watch.

But it can be pretty demoralising trying to serve your potential clients when you feel that no one is listening, let alone booking.

Photography business owners get in touch with me all the time.

They tell me that they’re blogging and posting on social media and networking and it just feels like tumbleweed blowing through a ghost town.

They just don’t have enough enquiries, let alone enough bookings.

They’re totally ready to throw the towel in and give up on trying to serve an audience who just don’t seem to care

So why most photographers give up?

Firstly, I’m happy to hear that they’re actively pursuing their ideal clients in this way.

They’re trying to serve.

It’s better than those who get in touch asking what’s going wrong and they’re NOT doing any blogging or social media marketing or networking.

So I ask them, how long have you been at this?

And they might say;

‘’Well it must be about 4 months now.”

FOUR MONTHS!!!??? Just four months and they’re ready to give up?

It takes time to attract a steady flow of the right clients and most of the things you have to do to get there are really, really mundane.

Sometimes you see no results from your efforts for a long time.

And you’re going to want to give up sometimes.

That’s why most people do give up.

Growing any business takes grit.

You need to persevere doing these small, seemingly insignificant things every single day - even when you think that it’s making no difference whatsoever.

This doesn’t happen overnight.

There’s not even a sudden breakthrough in three months.

It might not even happen in a year.

I was in business for 18 months before I could comfortably say that I was consistently booking sessions with my ideal clients.

And let me tell you that was a gruelling and very rocky 18 months.

If working with lots of ideal photography clients month on month was quick and easy then every photographer would be doing it!

If you want quick and easy. If you want to reach scores of your dream clients in six months then stop now.

Just stop.

But if you’re willing to bide your time and do the work, then know this…

Everything has a tipping point. Everything.

If you start going for a short brisk walk each day you’re not going to notice any difference in your appearance or general wellbeing for a long time.

That’s why most people give up on these things.

They want their quick fix.

They throw their hands up and say ‘it’s not working - what’s the point’ and they fall back into their old habits.

The truth is though, it is working.

It’s just not working quickly enough for them.

It’s not visible right away.

But if you keep going you’ll reach the tipping point.

All those short, brisk walks add up and this compound effect kicks in. You’ll start to walk for longer each time and after a year you’ll realise that you’ve lost a whole heap of weight and your general health and well being is much better.

You didn’t notice it happening at first but then the tipping point came and the results snowballed.

Everything has a tipping point.

It’s the same with your photography business.

Let’s say you start a weekly blog that’s crafted exactly for your ideal client. You entertain them, educate them and help them every single week - just the way a blogger should.

You’re full of enthusiasm to begin with because you imagine your business growing as a result of this.

The phone will start ringing and your email will start pinging.

People will be getting in touch saying that they read your blog and they want to book you.

But it doesn’t happen like that.

Don't expect to see results so quickly

Anyone who starts a blog knows this.

You don’t just start writing blog posts that get thousands of reads and hundreds of shares.

The truth is that no one really reads your blog to begin with.

Your most avid subscriber will be your mum.

You won’t notice any significant change in your enquiries or in the growth of your business.

You probably won’t notice anything for a long time.

So 95% of you will give up. 95%!

You’ll think to yourself,

‘Why bother - no one’s reading this and I could be spending my time doing something more useful’.

And in doing so you make it so much more fantastic for the 5% who persevere.

Because that 5% know about, and believe in, the tipping point.

They know about this thing called ‘the compound effect’.

They know about time.

Everything good takes time

You might know the name Joe Wicks.

Joe is also known as 'The Body Coach' and has built a multi-million pound fitness and nutrition empire.

He now has a presence across multiple online platforms but he started to build his business on Twitter and then Instagram.

He seemed to burst onto the scene a couple of years ago as this overnight success but the truth is very different.

Joe Wicks posted 20,000 times on Twitter and 1,000 times on Instagram before he made a single penny.

Think about that.

If you’re familiar with The Body Coach you’ll know we’re not just talking about text posts here, although he posts plenty of these.

We’re talking about quirky, high-energy videos, and well thought-out imagery.

Posts that require daily effort and discipline.

Now Joe says that in the early days no one was watching, reading or engaging.

He would post several times a day and get almost nothing back. And certainly nothing that made him any money.

But Joe’s one of the 5%. He has grit.

He knew that if he just kept on doing these little things every single day that a tipping point would come and things would start working in his favour.

And they did. Spectacularly.

No amount of talent can beat perseverance and consistency

Joe is not the most gifted nutritionist and fitness expert.

Not at all.

In fact he has many critics.

You know - those people who haven’t got the grit and determination that he has?

Yeah, they like to take him down a peg or two - regularly.

But Joe Wicks doesn’t have to be the most gifted.

What sets him apart is his perseverance and consistency.

And that’s the same for any of us.

You don’t have to be the best photographer or the best marketer.

You just have to be the most persistent and consistent.

If that’s you then you’ll always come out on top.

So how much grit do you have? Do you have what it takes to attract your ideal photography client consistently?

How determined are you to make your photography business a success even when it feels like no one even knows you exist?

Can you keep on going, doing those everyday mundane things even when you can’t see the benefit right away?

Are you one of the 5% who push through even when they have little or no evidence that anything they’re doing is working?

Because the truth is - that’s what makes a successful photography business that lasts the course.

Be persistent and be consistent:

Don’t try for a few months. Try for at least a year.

That’s what it takes!

And if you think that you have what it takes. If you think that you can keep going until you reach that wonderful, amazing, fabulous tipping point, and then keep going even after that.

Then you are a perfect fit for our Togs in Business Membership.

We’ll show you exactly what those persistent, consistent actions should be that will take you to that tipping point that only the 5% get to experience.

Check it out right here.

But if you’re searching for this fast-track road to a profitable photography business. If you expect every early marketing campaign to be a roaring success. If you want to be inundated by your ideal clients in under six months then good luck. But please don’t apply. It’s just not for you.



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