The truth about earning a living from your photography

Video about earning a living as a photographer

If you are one of the MANY professional photographers out there spending the majority of your time, effort and money on learning how to become a better photographer then stay tuned. Earning a living from your photography takes a very different approach.

Watch the video and I'll explain....

There’s A LOT of truly great photographers out there in the world who can’t make a living from their photography.

But there’s A LOT of mediocre photographers in this world who’re making an absolute KILLING from their photography.

What does that tell you?

No matter how much you think this shouldn’t be the case - it doesn't change the fact that it’s true.

Having a successful and profitable photography business is really not about being an amazing photographer

If it was then every amazing photographer out there would be rolling in cash…

But they’re not.

Because around 80% of what makes you successful and profitable in this industry comes from knowing how to create and grow a business and a brand that your ideal customers love.

Around 20% is down to your shooting and editing skills.

Don’t believe me?

I challenge you to find a truly successful and profitable photographer who does not spend the majority of their time and effort working ON their business OR has hired someone to take care of that side of things for them.

I’ll be here… waiting patiently….. until you find one…

In the meantime, I’ll carry on with my point though and I’m going to just assume that you’re on board with it and willing to believe that it might be true.

So if it is true...

What does this mean for you as a professional photographer?

If 80% of your success and profits is down to how you run your business and only 20% is down to how you take a photograph - what does this mean for you as a professional photographer?

Well, it means you need to seriously reconsider how you’re spending your time, what you’re giving your energy to and where your money is being spent.

Because, honestly, 80% of your time and effort should be spent learning, developing and honing your business and marketing skills - NOT your photography and post-processing skills!

If that sounds like hell on earth to you - if you really have zero interest in becoming great at business and marketing then you only have two choices.

You either need to keep your photography as a hobby and enjoy it without the business crap.

Or you need to team up with someone who loves that business crap.

If you see another option that leads to a successful business then I’d love to hear it.

Yes, there might be some exceptions

Yes, there might be some really unbelievably gifted photographers out there who can get away with posting images to their very active Facebook page all the time and they are kept busy simply because their photography is so completely fantastic.

But here’s the thing… that’s not the case for most of us.

Most of us are not unbelievably gifted photographers.

And that’s ok!

And here’s the other thing - those photographers - they’re missing a trick too.

Because they would be a hundred times more successful and profitable if they teamed those super duper photography skills with some super duper business and marketing skills.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t try to develop your photography and editing skills?

Of course not.

But the truth is nothing improves your photography and editing like practice does.

And a busy photographer gets more practice than anyone else.

And what do you think makes them busy?

Yup - their business and marketing skills.

Remember - your photography will improve by default!

So if you want to make this business of yours profitable take a look at where you are spending the majority of your time, effort and money.

Start thinking about the changes you can make so that you can spend 80% of it either working ON your business and marketing or learning how to become better at that.

Because without that - all you really have is a hobby.

And if becoming more business and marketing savvy is high on your list of priorities right now then obviously you should be checking out our Togs in Business Membership.


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