Marketing for Photographers - How to Stay Top of Mind with Your Clients

Video about marketing for photographers

When it comes to marketing for photographers, many think that posting something once or twice on Facebook is enough to have enquiries flooding in. If that's you then watching this video will be five minutes well spent.

Once is NEVER enough!

Watch the video (or read the blog post below) and discover what you can learn about marketing and why it's important that you stay top of mind with your potential photography clients.

Here's a perfect example of a clever marketing startegy from a 10 year old Joe

My son, Joe, is ten and he’s a genius at getting what he wants without directly asking for it.

If you have kids you might recognise his strategies.

So it was his birthday coming up and he clearly had a gift in mind.

He wanted a Fitbit. He’s a bit shy about just asking for the things he wants so instead he just made sure that a Fitbit was never far away from our minds in the run up to his birthday.

He started out by telling me that one of his friends at school had a Fitbit and it was pretty cool.

He told me a little bit about what it was and how it worked.

So I now knew that Fitbits existed and that he liked them.

The scene was set.

A few days later he showed me a YouTube clip about Fitbits so I could see just how cool they were.

Next in his game plan he told me a story about how his friend and his family all have Fitbits and they competed online to see who did the most steps each day etc.

I liked this idea a lot and I didn’t know about it before.

So he had educated me in something. He even showed me an article online about it.

And it didn’t stop there.

If he could get a Fitbit into the conversation at any point - then he did. He didn’t go on and on and on about the same thing.

He just mentioned it when it was relevant and he mentioned slightly different things each time.

He spoke about what he would do with his Fitbit if he had one and how it would make him fitter and healthier.

Yeah, he’s good.

All this was leading to the same outcome - and that outcome was me buying him a Fitbit for his birthday!

Yes his efforts paid off and we got him his Fitbit.

And yes, there is a point to my story.

Marketing for photographers is not any different

You see - once is NEVER enough!

Let's say you want to fully book out your mini sessions.

Posting an advert to Facebook and emailing your list will NOT cut it!

You need to work way harder than that.

You need to do be like Joe.

You need to set the scene at least a month in advance and you need to add a little more to the story every few days.

Changing it up with videos and articles and interesting stories.

You need to let them know you exist and then build up to the outcome you want.

You want to stay top of mind.

When was the last time you jumped into a purchase with only ONE touch point with a business?

It very rarely happens.

You need to give them more touch points with your business

Experts say that your clients need at least eight touch points.


But it’s probably more!

And another lesson from Joe is that you don’t have to directly ask for the sale all the time.

Sure you can do it from time to time.

But actually it’s more effective just to be educating, entertaining and relevant and the right people will get the right message.

The same thing applies to all of your photography marketing.

Whether it's general brand awareness or a targeted marketing campaign or a special offer.

You need to be all over it in a variety of different ways all the time.

It never stops.

So the next time you engage in a bit of marketing and throw your hands up in the air saying it didn’t work - ask yourself - how hard did you really try?

How varied was your message?

How entertaining was your message?

How relevant was your message?

And how many times did you send your message?

And by the way - Joe’s Fitbit?

It got worn for a week and it’s never seen the light of day since. Kids eh?

If you want more in-depth help with marketing your photography business you should check out my free Marketing Campaigns Class right here!


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