The State of The Photography Industry (why you should stop complaining!)

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Unless you live on the moon - I’m guessing you’re not the only photographer in your area. If you're one of those photographers who feel like the state of the photography industry is absolutely full to bursting right now, this is for you!

In the video below I must admit to having a bit of a rant but I hope it helps you if you ever find yourself on the brink of a whining episode... 😉

There’s a lot of grumbling and moaning about this. A LOT.

Complaints about competitors copying marketing ideas, or stealing a client, or using the same backdrop or slashing their prices and forcing everyone else to do the same.

The list of protests I read EVERY DAY on Facebook alone is the length of my arm.

But that’s not all. 

The rise of affordable DSLRs and the accessibility of photography training means there’s a new and inexperienced photographer on the block every other day!

This is the subject of a whole heap of whining…

Particularly from more established photography business owners and more expensive photographers who believe that this terrible tragedy has led to photography being devalued and under-appreciated.

But whilst they are complaining and lamenting about the state of the photography industry - you should think twice

I can’t go three days without reading yet another rant from a photographer complaining about so-called ‘mums with cameras’ thinking they can start a photography business and they can’t even use flash, blah blah blah.

It’s painful and extremely boring.

Because guess what? 

Complaining about this doesn't change anything. 

It’s not like complaining about your food in a restaurant and being brought a new meal. 

This kind of complaining is totally pointless and will do no good. 

It just makes you appear bitter to anyone who has the misfortune of having to listen to you or read your rants. 

But more importantly - it gets in the way of you working positively on your own business.

What other photography business owners do is actually none of your business

And vice versa.

Yes the landscape is changing and it will continue to do so. 

And yes, other photography business owners are going to annoy you sometimes.

But whilst everyone else is whining about it, how about you be the one to rise above and keep working? 

Guess who’s going to be streets ahead in the end? 

Whilst they are all steeped in negativity and bitterness you can be focused on your goals and completely unfazed by it all.

Yes, occasionally you might have a legitimate reason to complain a bit. 

And feel free to do so. No one’s perfect. 

But do it behind closed doors and to someone who will let you vent (like your partner or your mum). 

Get it all out but don’t go on and on. 

If you feel that you simply HAVE to reach out to challenge a competitor about something then make sure you do this privately and with absolute professionalism.

Afterwards, put it to bed and get on with the task at hand - which is developing YOUR business and nurturing relationships with YOUR clients.

There’s nothing worse than seeing or hearing a business person complaining publicly about other businesses in their industry

It’s really one of the most pathetic things to witness and usually the only one who looks bad is the one who’s doing the moaning. 

It NEVER ends well! 

And potential clients won’t be impressed. 

I know you want everyone to care about it the way you do. But they don’t. They simply don’t care.

Dignity in business is absolutely vital if you want to have longevity

I would encourage you to make a promise to yourself and your business. 

A promise that you will concentrate on your own affairs and leave others to work on theirs - no matter what. 

By all means, be aware of other photography businesses and check out what they’re doing if you must (or even do competitor research) - BUT don’t dwell on it and don’t allow yourself to be thrown off course by it.

More often than not - checking out your competitors makes you feel either insecure or irritated.

If that’s the case then simply stop doing it. 

It’s easier than you think - and so liberating! 

When you are 100% focused on your business and your clients and you are behaving with professionalism and honour (whilst others are wallowing in nonsense) you can’t help but stand out a clear mile.

Or you can just keep whining on about stuff you cannot change. Let me know how that works out for you… 😉

Tell me in the comments if you’ve been partial to a bit of complaining about other photographers or the state of the industry in the past (believe me, I’ve been there and done it too).

Or maybe you’ve been at the other end of it and been complained about?

Either way I’d love to hear from you. 



  1. Hi.
    I have just stumbled across your fantastic tutorial musings and single rant 🙂

    Just a bit of background I come from an editorial background newspapers magazines mainly shooting gigs showbiz that kind of thing I have been doing it for decades

    The current state of the national newspaper and magazine industry I wish to deversify ,

    I keep starting up ie shooting a few lifestyle portraits ( I don't do studio, I also want to start photographing dogs , four legged not ugly clients !!! I think you know what I mean )
    anyway I never seem to get round to getting the website up you mention this in one of your videos ,

    the question is is it possible to run editorial photography alongside doing the lifestyle , and woof woofs ,

    I don't need to promote my editorial work but nobody knows me from Adam in my home town as far as lifestyle and pet photography is concerned

    I will gladly subscribe , but any advice would be gratefully received



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