Instagram Tips for Photographers - TiB Live with Abigail Fahey

Instagram Tips for Photographers - TiB Live with Abigail Fahey

Instagram can seem like an impenetrable platform for photographers trying to get started there. I have to admit to being a bit of an Instagram dummy so Abigail Fahey joined me on Facebook Live to share some of her awesome Instagram tips for photographers (and lots of other juicy stuff too!).

Are you posting your photos to Insta but getting no engagement - especially from potential clients? You start to wonder if there’s any point, right? What’s the secret? Should you join Instagram pods? Should you post more personal stuff? How do you use hashtags well? How do you connect meaningfully with people there?

As with everything that works - Instagram is a long game. There is no instant gratification. No shortcuts. You can follow all the Instagram hacks out there but whilst they might increase your followers, they rarely increase your engagement and help you reach actual clients.  

If you’re ready to invest the time and effort and learn how to experience success with Instagram, you’re going to love this interview with Abigail Fahey. Not only do we talk Instagram, we also chat about the curse of comparison, creating a showreel video for your website and hiring a studio manager for your photography business

Here’s the Lowdown

  • Early days in business to today - the biggest differences between how Abigail ran her business then and now
  • The importance of giving (a lot) in order to receive
  • Getting personal on Instagram - the importance of sharing snippets of your life
  • Sharing relatable stories with images for maximum engagement
  • Instagram pods - a good idea?
  • Connecting with existing and potential clients on Instagram
  • Best time of day to post so that your ideal client can engage
  • Using hashtags on Instagram
  • Why Abigail invested in a showreel video for her online presence
  • How Abigail balances her two businesses alongside being mum to 4 kids!
  • How hiring a studio manager has impacted on Abigail’s business and time


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