The Simplest Way to Capture Leads on Your Photography Website

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If you've been putting off creating an opt in for your photography website or you have one that isn't working for you, this is for you.

I'm going to show you the simplest and fastest way you can effectively start capturing leads on your photography website today!

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I'm going to start by talking to those of you who are still questioning how important a lead magnet really is.

Do you really need an opt in?

Em, yeah!

Only 3% of your website visitors will actually use that visit to get in touch with you. 


That's the average for service businesses like yours. If you have a fabulous website that's been designed and created to convert you might be doing a bit better than that. On the other hand, if you're delivering a poor user experience on your website, it's unlikely you're getting even 3%.

Sobering, right?

This is why lead generation and nurturing is such a vital part of running a successful photography business!

You must remember that, just because the other 97% didn't make an enquiry, doesn't mean they weren't interested!

They just weren't ready.

They had questions that needed to be answered and they had concerns that needed to be squashed.

'But Julie', I hear you say, 'I answer those questions and squash those objections on my website!'

I'd love to tell you that all your website visitors are pouring a coffee before settling down to inhale every word on every page of your website.

But they're not.

The majority of them are skimming and scanning in the same way you do.

So what are you doing to capture their email address before they leave?

Because the best way to address the questions and objections that are preventing them from getting in touch with you is via their inbox.

Once you have their email address, your email system can automatically send them an incredible sequence of nurturing emails aimed at converting the right person.

So, do you have a great opt in on your website? And are you making it enticing and impossible to miss?

If not, let's sort that today.

I find that the number one thing stopping photographers from setting up an effective lead generation and nurturing system is the actual creation of the opt in. The lead magnet.

It has to be good if it's going to work. Your website visitors need to want it enough to give you their email address and this is where people get stuck.

Now, there are some amazing lead magnet ideas for photographers. Fun quizzes, interactive maps, templates, printables, checklists, planners, five day challenges, the list goes on and on.

I'd definitely encourage you to think of a truly fabulous one for your ideal client and put it on the 'to do' list.

But that doesn't mean that you have nothing on your website until that's completed!!! Because, let's face it, the creation of that super-duper lead magnet might keep getting pushed further and further down the list in favour of more urgent work. That's life.

So what can you use as an effective opt-in now?

Your price list!

Here's how to do this well.

1. Create a pdf pricing guide if you don't already have one

Make sure it's totally aligned with your brand and looks great. But, above all, keep it simple and clear. Give it to your daftest friend and check that they understood every single bit of it.


2. Tweak your website pricing info so that it gives 'starting from' prices only

I really don't like when there is no indication of price on a website at all. I want to at least know if it's within budget, you know?


3. Underneath your 'starting from' prices, place a great-looking opt-in form and pair it with some clever copy.

Something like, 'Need more detailed pricing and package information? No problem! Simply fill in your email address below and I'll send it straight to your inbox so you go through it in your own time.'

But that's not enough!!!!

What's your primary call-to-action on your website? Book a call? Get in touch? Whatever it is it should be everywhere and it should be hard to miss visually.

Now, that primary call-to-action is really only for that 3% of visitors who're ready to get in touch. It's so important that your visitors know what you ultimately want them to do.

But it's equally important that you give the other 97% of them an alternative!

4. Add your pricing opt-in as a secondary call-to-action alongside every occurrence of your primary call-to-action

(Just to repeat - your primary call-to-action should be everywhere on your website).

Want to see an example of how you might do this?

Like this…

So this photographer's big call to action is 'let's plan your shoot!' but that's a big ask for most website visitors.

So for them she has added her secondary call to action underneath the button. It simply says, 'Not quite ready? No problem! Why not download my pricing and product guide instead?'

Simple, right?

But it has to be unmissable. Put that primary and secondary call to action everywhere!

But listen up for this last point.

If you're using your pricing and product guide as an opt in, it's absolutely crucial that you nurture those leads via email afterwards.

Just sending someone your full pricing and then leaving them to it? That is not serving them and it's certainly not serving you!

5. Follow up right away with an automated email sequence

Make sure your nurture sequence is answering questions, crushing objections, telling stories, creating desire and getting them to reach out with a bonafide enquiry.

Without that email sequence you'll get leads but not the enquiries. Don't miss it out!

My email nurture sequence training inside the Togs in Business membership is one of the most important courses that members take. 

Never forget that your potential clients need up to 11 touch points with you before they'll get in touch. An email nurture sequence is the best and quickest way to make sure they get those.

I'd love to know how you're capturing leads on your photography website and how you're nurturing them towards a booking. What's working for you?

And, if you're looking to grow your photography business and get clarity around exactly how to do that and in what order - don't forget to download my FREE Ultimate Photography Business Plan - it's a goodie!



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