How to Attract Dream Photography Clients - TiB Live with Anna Pumer

How to attract dream photography clients - TiB live with Anna Pumer

How many times have you heard that you need to 'stand out' if you want to be found by great clients in this crowded photography industry? Easier said than done, right? Well, Anna Pumer can certainly help you to understand how to attract dream photography clients. In fact, her website alone is a masterclass in this!

The simple truth is that the only thing you have in your business that's different from every other photography business in the entire world is . . . you!

Cue the chants of 'But there's nothing interesting about me!' and 'I just can't get my personality across online!'

You don't have to be quirky or hilarious in order to be interesting to others. If you're a quiet, gentle person does that make you uninteresting? Hell no! You have things to say. You have thoughts worth sharing.

There are potential clients out there who are just like you. They want to work with someone who understands them. Someone they're going to feel comfortable with. Someone they can talk to about the things that interest them.

But how will they know that's you?

Well I know you’re going to LOVE listening to how Anna Pumer has managed to do just that (check out her AMAZING website!) and how you can do it too, whatever your personality!

Here’s the Lowdown

  • Anna’s journey into wedding photography (it wasn’t even her idea!)
  • Anna’s biggest learning experiences in the early days as a wedding photographer
  • The biggest difference in Anna’s business today compared to when she first started out
  • How Anna discovered exactly who she wanted to work with and how she feels about her clients
  • How Anna decides whether clients are a good fit or not and how she turns them down when they’re not
  • Why and how Anna shares exactly who she is and what makes her tick and why she thinks you should be doing this too
  • The components of a great ‘about’ page
  • Why you should never be afraid of putting potential clients off with your marketing
  • Why you don’t have to be an extroverted, quirky photographer to do all of this really well. Quieter, shy photographers can smash it out of the park too!
  • How important is a website for a photographer and how good is good enough?
  • How Anna gets such great testimonials from her clients. There’s not a generic, bland one in sight!
  • How Anna decides on the photographs for her website and why she doesn’t show any group shots or portraits
  • The one thing that’s had the biggest impact on Anna’s success as a wedding photographer so far
Festival wedding in Kent © Anna Pumer Photography
how to attract dream photography clients
Emillie and Ruth London Wedding © Anna Pumer Photography


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