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In 6 years of business this is the #1 MOST valuable hub for photographers I’ve ever come across. Julie, you’re such a refreshing change from the coaches and educators that I’m used to. THANK YOU!
Amanda Hilfer // Family Photographer, Switzerland // Amanda Joy Photography

Are you weary of trying to grow your photography business using marketing strategies that give you the ick?

What about all the ‘Grow a 6 Figure Photography Business in a Year’ marketing and business blueprints out there - do they leave you cold?

Me too, and do you know what? They don’t work for heart-led business owners like us anyway! We can only find joy and fulfilment in a business that aligns completely with who we are.

Surely there’s a better, more ‘you’ way to grow a simple, profitable business that you and your clients adore?

Well, there is!

The Photographer’s Voice has been created for portrait and wedding photographers exactly like you.

You can jump straight in to the low cost, monthly membership or you can keep scrolling to enjoy all the free stuff here first!
Huge thanks for all your help with my Autumn mini session campaign Julie!! I released them to a waitlist at 8pm last night and since then I’ve sold out both dates and just just opened a third. I’m a bit blown away!
Rebecca Holmes // Life Photographer, UK // Rebecca Holmes Photography


Want to fill next Summer’s wedding availability, book out your Autumn family sessions or sell more brand packages?

Whatever you need in terms of bookings, I’ll show you how to plan, create and implement a slime-free marketing campaign that your audience will love.

You won’t believe what can happen when you get specific.

THE Ultimate photography business PLAN

This is the opposite of the painfully dull business plan your bank might ask for! You won’t believe the clarity you have after filling in this business and marketing plan template.

I’ll walk you through every single section (with examples) and you’ll finish up with a plan that will lead you in bite-sized steps to the perfect photography business and brand for you.

Download it and clear a day in your calendar to blast through the work. Your future self will thank you!
Template mockups of a photography business planI NEED THIS!

The Answer to ‘What Should I Charge?’!

Download my free pricing calculator, spend some time filling in the gaps and then watch as it magically tells you exactly what you need to be charging.

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Julie’s training is well thought out and full of helpful examples. Not only does she tell you what to do, she tells you how to do it - which makes all the difference!
Wani Olatunde // Wedding & Portrait Photographer, UK // Wani Olatunde Photography


I’m a photographer, a teacher and a marketer.

I believe there is no better marketer for your photography business than YOU. It’s my mission to turn photographers who believe they suck at marketing into confident, engaging (ick-free) voices for their own brand.

I do this in-depth inside my membership program (check out the tour below) and for free here on my website and across my socials.

When I’m not writing for and talking to photographers about growing and running their business, you’ll find me barely surviving my kids’ teenage years.
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Step-by-step training course and workshops
Everything you need to grow and run your photography business YOUR way. All broken down into bite-size chunks with a focus on taking action.
Monthly content marketing prompts
Easily and quickly publish engaging marketing to your website and socials using prompts created especially for portrait and wedding photographers
Live marketing planning and co-working sessions
Join me and other members every single month to plan next month’s marketing. Then sign yourself up to virtual co-working sessions to turn those plans into reality.
Unparalleled support and personalised feedback
Submit questions or ask for feedback via the regular, live #AskJulie sessions and get a personalised response. I also jump into your posts inside the community and offer (paid) 1-2-1 calls!
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