An online course for photographers that will give you a strategic, simple and systemised marketing plan for 2021. Start every day knowing exactly what to do in order to book more ideal clients!

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You’ve carved out a quiet few hours to get your head down and plan your marketing for next year. 

Sitting in front of your computer screen, coffee in hand, you’re pumped up to tackle this. 2021 is going to be your year!

You start by making a list of all the strategies that could get your more leads and bookings - blogging, Facebook lives, Instagram reels, email newsletters, lead capture opt ins, networking, LinkedIn articles, referral schemes, joint ventures, Google ads, Facebook ads, start a podcast, create a YouTube channel, make a showreel…

You realise that the enthusiasm you felt ten minutes ago has left the building.

Where the hell do you even begin? 

How do you know what the right strategy is for you?

Surely one person can’t do all of this stuff?

You’ve tried so many things already with poor results.

You’ll need to do so much learning first.

You don’t have the TIME for this!


This is the point at which your subconscious brain takes over and steers you away from this thing that’s causing you so much overwhelm and anxiety and leads you to a nice safe activity instead. 

One that won’t grow your business but will give you a much needed (if short-lived) dopamine hit.

Cue a visit to Facebook for a ‘minute’ or maybe Amazon so you can buy a new planner for 2021 (that’ll help, right?).

No wonder. You’re only human! 

The choice of marketing strategies available to you is never-ending and complex. Not to mention that each one is attached to a whole heap of learning and testing and tweaking.


What if someone was there to walk and talk you through the entire process? Helping you to select exactly the right marketing strategies for you and giving you the confidence to let all the other stuff go?

What if you could spend a day with someone who was able to help you simplify and systemise your marketing for 2021 so that, by the end of that day, you were left with a list of daily, 30 minute tasks? 

Imagine starting each work day by tackling a pre-planned, 30 minute marketing task, knowing that it’s contributing to the steady growth of your business.

A minimalist, systemised approach to marketing your photography business can be your reality but don’t try to tackle it alone. 

Let me help you!
This training was worth its weight in gold. I’ve often heard about marketing in 30 minutes a day and known that I should be doing it. But the big problem I’ve had is not really knowing what ‘it’ is or how to do ‘it’.

Julie was so generous with her knowledge and, honestly, she should have been charging ten times more for everything she taught throughout the course of the day!
This is not just another marketing workshop, it's a break-through!

Thanks to Julie and the clear, easy to digest (and implement) segments, marketing really feels like fun!

She leads you by the hand the entire way and unlocks the door to understanding not only how to successfully market but also how to plan and manage entire marketing campaigns which finally means the end of the last-minute-headless-chicken phase that I at times find myself in.

I really could not recommend this training more!!
Agi Lebiedz
I finished the day completely in awe of what I'd just sat through, and almost speechless with gratitude that I now have a robust plan that is entirely right for ME. 

 his was focus and organisation taken to such an intense level, my squirrels didn't get a look in. 

  know what I'm doing next year and I have a solid execution plan - something I've struggled with for years!
donna green
‘Make 2021 Your Year’ is an online course which is aimed at getting you more leads and more bookings in just 30 minutes a day.


  • a set of marketing strategies that are right for you and your business and a confidence to leave the rest behind
  • a list of key content ideas for the entire year (content that actually leads to enquiries and bookings)
  • a system for using one piece of content to market your business in many different, simple and effective ways
  • a system for increasing your visibility to ensure your efforts are noticed by the right people
  • a calendar filled with pre-planned 30 minute marketing tasks that all work together towards a glorious tipping point


You’ll start by making some promises, both to yourself and to me. You're going to tackle some gremlins in advance of them getting in your way. 

Namely, perfectionism! 

You’re going to decide to do focused marketing work each work day and you’re going to commit to doing it first before you start any client work or admin. (Remember, I’m going to be providing you with a simple system so you’ll always know what to do!)

However, you’re also going to accept that sometimes it won’t happen and you’re going to promise that you won’t let that be the beginning of the end. 

You'll end this section armed with some strategies to kick perfectionism’s ass and a commitment to marketing first.


Great marketing requires you to look ahead before working backwards

There’s nothing more overwhelming than sitting down to work on some ‘marketing' without a plan and there’s nothing more certain to fail than a ‘last-minute' marketing campaign.

In this session I’m going to teach you how to look at your calendar for 2021 and strategically decide on your marketing focus for different times of the year.

You’re going to see how simple, well-planned campaigns sit right at the top of your marketing systems and provide a focus for your marketing efforts regardless of whether you offer one service or four!

I’ll walk you through an example and then you’ll get to work completing your own surprisingly simple, imperfect, year-at-a-glance, marketing plan. 

You’ll end this section knowing what your marketing focus is going to be for each month of 2021. This marketing focus is the fuel you need for your marketing systems to work.


Content creation is crucial to building your audience and growing your business but only if it’s the right content and only if it ends up in front of the right people.

Most photographers fall by the wayside with content marketing because they;

a) have no idea what content to create in the first place
b) make the content-creation process far too long and complicated
c) don’t know how to get their content in front of their ideal client
d) fail to repurpose their content effectively
e) don’t understand how to plan and create content that leads to bookings

In this session, I’m going to provide you with a system checklist that will have you creating engaging, shareable content that increases awareness of your photography business and converts

You’ll see that you don’t have to be creating a terrifying number of blog posts, videos, live-streams, podcasts and infographics (who has time for that!?!). You just need to create a few pieces of high-quality content and do more with them.

Not only will the system allow you to create that content quickly and easily in a bite-size way, it will include the distribution and ignition of that content too. 

You’ll also become a master at repurposing one piece of content so that it serves you and your ideal client in lots of different ways across all of your online platforms. 

We’re aiming for less work here - not more! 

But I won’t just leave you with the system and expect you to make it come to life on your own. You’ll do that during the workshop!

I’m going to show you my process for planning both awareness content and conversion content and you’ll get to work using it to plan your key content for 2021. 

I’m going to give you a huge list of content prompts so getting stuck for ideas is going to be impossible!

You won’t be alone. We’ll all be doing it together and I’ll be there to answer your questions and give you feedback live!

You’ll end this section with your key content for next year all planned out and a checklist system to create it, distribute it, repurpose it and ignite it.


Forget trying to be everywhere. 

A scatter of mediocre posts and half-assed engagement across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn won’t result in any growth for you and your business but it certainly will exhaust and frustrate you.

However, bringing your A-Game to just one social media platform will push you forwards in leaps and bounds. 

The first thing you’ll do in this section of the workshop is decide, with my help, what that platform is going to be. Of course you can maintain a presence on others if you like but you’re going to go ‘all in’ on one.

I’m then going to show you my system checklist to turn your key content into lots of pieces of micro-content for social media. 

Posts that captivate, entertain, engage, serve, educate and convert your ideal client. No more looking at your screen wondering what to post - just pull out the checklist and get to work! 

I’m also going to give you a huge list of prompts for your other social media posts. Not every post can come from your key content - you’re going to need variety. I’m going to make this super easy for you.

Again, I’m not going to leave you to see how this works for yourself. We’ll start it together!

Following my example, you’ll take your key content ideas for the first month of 2021 and plan as many engaging social media posts from them as possible. You’ll then fill in the gaps using the list of prompts provided until you have an entire month of social media planned.

I’ll be there throughout and so will your fellow workshop attendees. If you get stuck, ask for ideas. If someone else gets stuck, help them out. The juices will be flowing!

You’ll end this section with a consistent, actionable and effective social media strategy for next year that excites you.


Client loyalty, high quality referrals, features in blogs/magazines/podcasts, amazing collaborations and rewarding relationships. 

What these things can do for you and your business can’t be overemphasised. 

A photographer who puts in consistent effort establishing and nurturing relationships with great people will find themselves able to take a foot off the gas with their other marketing efforts in the long run. 

There is no better marketing than just being a good human, being of service and making others feel special in a genuine way. 

Yes, even this needs to be systemised. 

Why? Because… life!

You’re busy. In a hectic life, attempts at staying in touch with great people and reaching out to new people are the first to go. We even do this with dear friends. So what chance does your work network have?

Again, I’m going to provide you with a system checklist and this system is a pleasure to implement. Talk about feel good!

You’ll end this section with a system checklist that makes it easy to form new relationships and nurture existing ones. It's going to become an automatic part of every week and you’re going to be bowled over at the impact it will have on your business by this time next year!


This is where we work together to put your systems into your calendar so that you have 30 focused minutes of simple marketing to do each work day. 

Marketing work that's planned in advance so that you can get straight to it.


Another course that’ll sit unwatched on your hard drive. 

Every single part of this training is actionable. You'll be busy from the beginning and you'll gain more and more momentum. It's meant to be done in a day and that's what I'd suggest you do. Carve out a day and get your entire YEAR planned out. 

Another source of overwhelm

This workshop is actually the solution to the overwhelm that all those unwatched courses and unread information is causing you. This is the antidote. You'll end the training with a super simple and effective implementation plan!

A one-size-fits-all blueprint to marketing your photography business 

There isn’t one! Each photographer doing the training will end with a different plan of action. Yours will be perfectly suited to your business, your ideal client and your personality.

I'm julie, I'm going to help you simplify & SYSTEMISE your marketing

Julie Christie from Togs in Business holding a sign saying Set Systems Not Goals

I created this training for photographers who want an actionable and realistic system to get more quality leads and more ideal clients in 2021.

It’s tremendously practical and beautifully simple.

Although we start with you setting a financial goal for 2021, we don't hang around. We move swiftly on to creating a marketing system that'll help you achieve it.

Because a goal is just an overwhelming jumble of words until you set up a repeatable system to go with it.


I’ve been helping photographers like you with their marketing for four years. I eat, sleep and breathe marketing for photographers. Photography is your superpower, marketing is mine. 

Don't take my word for it though. Here's what those who've already done the workshop have to say about it. Hit play!
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This is all you need to market your photography business like a rock star - you'll create that system on this training!

No more staring at your computer screen wondering where the hell to begin. You’ll have your tasks broken down into tiny, manageable chunks that just need checked off the list.



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Can I just pay to attend the workshop without joining the membership?

No, sorry. My paid training is for members only. They're my favourites! Besides, this workshop would cost 15 times the price of a month's membership to purchase on its own...

Can you tell me more about what the training is all about?

I sure can! You can read about each part in detail right here.

Do I get access to anything else inside the membership?

Of course! $39 gets you a full month of The Photographer's Voice. During that month you'll have access to EVERYTHING. Training on how to create an epic photography website , email marketing, lead magnets, in-person sales, online sales, the art of converting, landing pages, nurture sequences, marketing campaigns and So. Much. More.

Is it easy to cancel my subscription if I don't want to stay after the workshop?

Absolutely! You simply go to your account page and click 'cancel'. No jumping through hoops!

Do you have any testimonials from photographers who've done the training?

Yes - lots! You can find some video testimonials here and some written testimonials here. 

Can I pay in a different currency?

Since The Photographer's Voice is international, the cost is in US dollars. This shouldn’t cause you any problems if this isn't your currency. The conversion happens automatically at checkout. However, if you have any issues you only need to contact me and I'll help in any way I can.

Is this suitable for any kind of photographer?

All of my training is created primarily for wedding and portrait photographers. Photographers working in other genres will certainly get lots from the course but it might not be the perfect fit.  
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