How to win multiple photography clients at once with one marketing campaign
Spend just 90 minutes with me and I’ll show you how to launch a strategic marketing blitz that floods your calendar - no more hustling for one client at a time or running back-to-back model calls and competitions.


I see you:

- Scrambling to get leads and bookings for your photography business;

- Debating slashing your prices in desperation;

- Pouring hours into marketing that vanishes into the social media abyss;

- Wrestling to weave words that will strike an emotional chord;

- Overwhelmed by the backbreaking time and effort involved;

I also know YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO! You just wish it wasn't so damn hard to find great clients to serve...
Imagine finally having an effective marketing system that delivers a surge of photography bookings whenever you need them. No more wasting time and money on what doesn't work - just a proven path to a booked calendar.
My step-by-step training gives you the tools to attract clients who're ready to book and avoiding empty days spent chasing crumbs.

The right strategy makes all the difference between a sparse diary and back-to-back bookings from clients who value your work. Are you ready to discover how?


Unlock the Simple Maths Behind Filling Your Calendar

Marketing is simple mathematics; more visibility = more bookings. That visibility happens when you deploy a simple sequence of steps that, put together, build a buzz and make you irresistible to the right person. In other words...a marketing campaign!

Attract Clients Without Icky Marketing Strategies

Why marketing campaigns do not have to mean back-to-back discounts, model calls or competitions! Some of the best marketing campaigns lead your clients to full-price offerings and I'll show you how (even if you're a photographer with only one service to offer).

Save Time and Energy with a Repeatable  System

How marketing campaigns actually save you time and energy. Once you've created one, you can tweak, rinse and repeat every quarter and you can even have a little marketing break in between to serve and delight the clients you booked with the last one.

Take the Guesswork Out of Campaign Creation

Don't worry about coming up with campaign ideas and wondering what you need to create at each stage. I'll provide you with my detailed step-by-step system and I'll even give you a completed campaign planner to use as inspiration for your own!



I'm Julie Christie

I’ve spent the last 13 years immersed in the world of photography and marketing. Not only in marketing my own businesses but also in the marketing of hundreds of portrait and wedding photography businesses just like yours. I do this inside my membership ‘The Photographer’s Voice’.

I’m on a mission to help heart-led photographers like you to find and use your unique marketing voice so you can be found and chosen by incredible clients who happily fill your diary and your bank account.


So, if you’re tired of spending your precious time and energy on marketing that feels overwhelming, haphazard and often, pointless…

Grab a spot on my free, unique masterclass and learn exactly what to do to plan and create a sequence of marketing magic that brings in a flood of perfect-fit clients at exactly the time you want them.


How long is the training?

The class is just under 90 minutes long so block out the time in your calendar and try to get some quiet time and space on your own.

What’s the format of the training?

This is video training that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or studio. Be sure to take lots of notes using your workbook. You can also turn on captions if you need them.

Will I get a workbook and resources?

Absolutely! Not only will I send out a workbook for you to fill in during the class, I’ll also send out some juicy bonus resources to those who watch the full training.

Can I ask questions during the training?

Please do! There will be a chat panel to the side of the video and I welcome you to ask anything related to the class. I’ll get back to you personally.

Will you be doing that thing where you introduce yourself and talk about your journey for half an hour?

I hate that as much as you do so . . . no! I’ll introduce myself within a minute or two and get stuck into the good stuff. Deal?

Is this real training or is it mainly a sales pitch for something you want me to buy?

Rest assured that this is chock-a-block full of learning that means you can head off afterwards and get stuck in to creating your marketing campaign. That being said, at the very end of the training, I’ll of course be giving you the opportunity to join me inside my membership (I might even have a tasty offer for you). If you’re not interested, you can simply log off when I start talking about that, ok?

Will you send out a replay afterwards?

Sorry, no replays here! I’ve been running online classes for years and you and I both know how many training replays we put away ‘for later’ and never watch. I ask that you treat this online training just like an in-person class you’ve signed up for and aim to show up.


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